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Role play in a world where Gor is the tradition, blood and honor the experience. Master and Slave are seperated by their status but joined by their need for each other. Knowing your place is the first thing to understand.Respect is everything!
The Realm of Dunes of Gor
Mouse-over hot spots on the map above displays the 100 coordinate references and any information about each region on the clip board to the right. Any of the regions may be active and can be clicked on to open a chat room after the member logs in. If you have registered then log in your main ID to access the Forum of the realm you have joined. To take ownership of a region and its chat room. ie, become the local ruler with boot-rights, etc, Use the Messenger link in the Forum to contact your realm manager to request a region set up. To view the realm's rules click the link for "The Realm of Dunes of Gor" on the banner.
Dunes of Gor
 Dark Forest
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