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WELCOME. Chatrealms closed in December 2010 after ten years providing an interactive chat room service to role players the world over. It was loved by many and it was a sad day to finally close down but time marches on and new virtual worlds have all but taken the players into new realms. We did our best for ten years.
Originally based in Yahoo Adult chat rooms back in 2000 long before Yahoo closed it's user rooms, Chatrealms was brought to the web by one of the players known as Jack Lantern. Two great realms were set up, each with their own map based on a grid of 100 locations. Players could click a link on one of the locations and open that region's dedicated chat room with it's own local map.

Adventure! The system could make adventures come to life in a real-time game world. For the strategist looking for D&D-style games while playing out plots and schemas in the Castle-chats couldn't be more playable. Vampires, Wear wolves, Elf's, Orcs, Wizards and Kings; low-life and high-life from Master and slave to Emperor and Empress. The limit was your imagination! Chatrealms maintained two main realms, the Dark Foorest and the Dunes of Gor.

New Players could join any Realm on the system and start to role play. It was FREE. You paid nothing at all. You just register an ID name for each Realm you would like to join then, when the manager accepted you, you created an alias character to play with. With the alias name you could edit a profile, freely enter the chat world and buy/sell weapons and other items, own property, marry a mate, become a King or Queen, rule a realm and even fight a war! All you had to do is play by the rules of the realm.

Chat Rooms! Chatrealms provided multiple chat rooms linked from the main map mouse-over hot-spots in each Realm Forum. On opening the chat room or region you entered an eye-catching virtual world of interlinked chat rooms, each with its own local area map. You could Experience the thrill of D&D style gaming while playing the part of your favorite character in real time. On logging into your Realm Forum you would find the realm's map and could then explore the realm moving from region to region via the local maps. Within the Chat regions you could discover the power of using keywords and data recording as you play!

Free Play was the open chat rooms anyone could join without registering in order to meet other players before joining (see chat room image above). The chat rooms on that system were not map-linked but everyone was welcome to role play and just get a feel for our realms. The chats were fast, offered avatars and powerful posting methods. Generally, we used those rooms to vet new recruits then helped the newbies get registered in either the Dark Forest realm or Dunes of Gor where their adventure could begin.

 Dunes of Gor
 Dark Forest
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